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Fields of Heather Bakery

Food Allergy notice

*We require at least 48 hours NOTICE or more on all special orders.*

Fields of Heather Bakery was launched in 2001 when owner, Heather Howe, started making baked goods for family and friends.  She pursued her love of baking and received her Associates Degree in Baking and Pastry as well as Business management and Entrepreneurship from Anne Arundel Community College (AACC).  Heather went a step further and got her Bachelors Degree in Food Service Entrepreneurship from Johnson & Wales.

​Heather started with a handful of customers and Fields of Heather Bakery now serves hundreds of customers and is growing every month.  New customers have been added to the FOH family, from our new brides and grooms, to those celebrating birthdays, or welcoming new babies, they are all welcomed with open arms. 

​The store front opened on May 1, 2012 in Chester, MD with a wide range of items never offered before to customers.  That list keeps growing and expanding to offer new and different items to keep you coming back.

​After only a few months in business, Fields of Heather Bakery was awarded The Golden Anchor Award sponsored by The Shore Update for 2012 for Best Bakery and Favorite Business owner.  FOH continued this honor in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.  FOH was also voted Best Bakery in the What's Up Eastern Shore Best of Contest fro 2015.

​Heather has also won the "Spirit of Entrepreneurship: Rising Star" from Entrepreneurs Exchange (Annapolis) in 2011.  This is a wonderful honor given to an entrepreneur who has tenacity, creativity, integrity, and has been in business less than 3 years.

​After being nominated by the Business Entrepreneurship Department at AACC, Heather was awarded the National Association of Community College Entrepreneurship's (NACCE) Alumni Entrepreneur for 2013.  Heather was presented with the award at NACCE's eleventh annual conference held in Charlotte, NC on October 15th.

​On October 20, 2016 Heather was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year from the QAC Chamber of Commerce.  This is a huge accomplishment.

A few words about us

Please be advised that food prepared here may contain these ingredients:


Although FOH is not an allergy free bakery we strive to be allergy friendly and take food allergies very seriously.  So please feel free to speak to a team member regarding any known allergy prior to ordering.  FOH makes reasonable efforts to prevent cross contamination of items during preparation and packaging however it is important to understand this it still may occur.

If you have an allergic reaction when consuming the ingredients above it is your responsibility to make an informed decision to consume prepared items. 


If you have any further question or concerns please DO NOT hesitate to ask and we will be happy to provide you with as much information about our products as possible.

All of our products are baked on premises and FOH strives to provide you with the freshest products possible.  Our menu offers hundreds of items and because of this it would be impossible for us to bake everything everyday.  We rotate seasonal items and try to keep our most popular items regularly available.  We cannot guarantee we will have what you need when you need it unless you place a special order.

​Your special order is prepared just for you when you need it.  We do not pull cakes out of a freezer and our sugar cookies are decorated by hand allowing each detail to dry fro hours before adding the next.  Quality products take time to create.

​We require at LEAST 48 hours notice on all special orders.  Please note that decorated sugar cookies require at least 72 hours notice.  Around major holidays and on busy weekends we may stop taking orders much sooner than normal.  We normally stop taking orders Wednesday for Saturday and Thursday for Sunday.  Do not hesitate to contact us as soon as you are sure FOH is your dessert choice for an upcoming event.